Fall Winter 2023 2024


INSPIRATION: The Piedmontese winter, with the colors that our mountains give us in the cold season…. divided into three inspiring themes that take their names from the most beautiful mountains of our lands.

The new Cinzia Caldi collection comes from the profound Italian craftsmanship with a
extreme culture of detail.
A search for natural fabrics and yarns, linked to the ethics of production, which aims to mix trend and comfort, which respects women and helps them express their personality to the fullest. We must consume less and better, respecting the environment, aiming
on a fashion that adapts to every morphology, which represents a timeless, versatile and perfect style for every occasion.

PHILOSOPHY Fashion passes style remains. The magic of the Cinzia Caldi collection combines Italian craftsmanship, unique details, a mix of ancient wisdom and environmentally friendly technology. A collection created in Italy by Italian women for women from all over the world.


The natural yarns are combined with the cotton velvet fabric to create light shades and extremely soft three-dimensional effects.
Timeless garments with a refined image, fluid and versatile shapes with alternating structured stitches, large braids, and small graphics that recall the plumage of the Nutcracker. Cinzia Caldi combines sustainability and research with the desire to converse with women through a project that highlights their beauty.
The colors are those of the clouds, rock and water, imprinted in the archaic memory of each of us, offering sensations of well-being


The careful research of precious and comfortable materials is expressed in the creation of comfortable and never banal outfits, with more eco-sustainable value. The highest quality wool is expressed in new combinations with mohair creating games of small stripes and tricot stitches. Modern expressions of style that interpret the season’s standards of comfort.
The colors range from the pink of the first light of dawn, to the whiteness of the snow, to the luminous gray of the sunny rock


New effects, new volumes instill well-being, pleasure and warmth. The soft wool is expressed with multi-fineness inlay effects. The mohair joins the wool giving life to three-dimensional stitches with a “handmade” effect, while the thinner garments are characterized by matching fringes. . Study of innovative and fluid shapes that underline the artisanal and creative DNA that has always been a priority in the Cinzia Caldi collection. The colors are an explosion of energy, the feather blends with the rock, and lights up with the vitality of the primrose. Bright and stretch fabric presented in dark rock color, makes the outfits contemporary and comfortable.