Spring summer 2020

CINZIA CALDI Spring Summer 2020 Collection.
It’s a  feminine collection totally made in Italy, by Italians Women that like their work.
A collection made using only excellent raw materials.
Cotton and  linen manually  harvested allows the balls to be selected at just the right degree of ripeness.
and avoids the use of defoliants that are harmful for humans. Then, a second manual intervention to eliminate any impurity in the fibers. This is the only way to reach the ” Excellence”.
From the fusion of precious materials we create our summer Collection,enriched by embroideries and shades.
Chromatic tones of the earth, sky, and sea become sources of inspirations: the rocks dyed with the light of the setting sun, the sunshine on the sea, create a a bright and energetic collection. Six group of outfits that represent a feminine universe with a sophisticated contemporary attitude.
Discover the outfit: