The Company

Since 1961, the factory “Mabal” produces using the brand “CINZIA CALDI” sweaters to the highest standards of excellence.
CINZIA CALDI is the symbol of the passion that an Italian family hold, 3 generations who constantly search of style incorporating yarn and other precious fabrics.
Drawing from the finest natural fibres in the world, Duilio and Cinzia Caldi, now at the helm of the company, with a close-knit team of excellent Italian knitters, continue this tradition with commitment.
The knitwear factory is located in the green countryside of Asti, in Piedmont region, where each production stage combines the technology and craftsmanship in the execution of elegant knitted styles, aimed at consumers of high-profile.
Made in Italy is appreciated all over the world, we believe in real 100% made in Italy. For this reason we have obtained by the Piedmont region the certification of ITALIAN ARTISAN EXCELLENCE.
Our garments are entirely made in Italy, by Italian manpower, all production takes place at our factory. Our aim is Quality, Flexibility and Punctuality.